Different Types of Limos: Choosing a Perfect Vehicle for a Ride

People often think that limos come in similar shapes and sizes. However, nothing is more wrong than this. While practically every type of limo is special and luxurious, some models suit different occasions better. There are also different types, so if you’re planning to use an Edmonton limo service, you should memorize those and decide which one you need in advance.

    • Lincoln limos.
      Typically, when someone thinks of a limo, they have a picture of a Lincoln vehicle in front of them. Don’t worry, those have nothing to do with Mr. Lincoln. There are new and modern models of Lincolns too. These are very comfortable and luxurious and they typically cost more than other types. You can fit a party of 12-14 people there. These are good for business meetings and for people who can tell a difference between kinds of limos.
    • Executive caravans.
      While caravans are not really limos, they are very popular among business people and for airport pickup, drop-off. These can fit 4-5 people and have space for your luggage. If you hire a limo company, chances are they will have caravans. These are not limos, but if you need a comfy and executive vehicle, they will suit you just right.
    • Executive sedans.
      The same you can say about sedans. Typically, those are for 2 people. They are considered vehicles for business people. Sedans are expensive, so if you want to impress your partner or your clients, you can arrive in that executive luxurious vehicle. If you live in a crowdy city, sedans are preferable, as they are small and allow maneuvers, while limos lack that maneuverability.
    • Hummer limos.
      You can spot hummer vehicles practically immediately. Hummers are special and they have very distinctive features and shape. If you see that vehicle in town, you have to know something big happens there. These cars are expensive, but they also suit special occasions. You shouldn’t rent a vehicle like that for a business meeting or for airport pickup, but you definitely can choose a vehicle like that for a prom or graduation party. If you are planning a bachelor party, there is nothing better than a Hummer limo.
    • Stretch vehicles.
      Stretches are bigger than Lincolns. These vehicles easily accommodate about 20-25 people, so they are good for big companies. This is why people choose those for big nights, weddings and parties. If you’re traveling alone, hiring a company with stretch vehicles is a mistake. You really don’t need a vehicle of this size alone. However, it’s luxurious and memorable. If you also get a full bar you can have real fun!
  • Town cars.
    Town cars are “regular” limos. Normally, they fit 10-12 people, which makes them smaller than Lincolns and other models. These are good for big cities, as you are less likely to get stuck in traffic while traveling in a town car. They are “modest” limos, however, the size is just right to travel alone too. They have space for your personal items, so if you want an airport pickup, these guys are an amazing choice.
  • Party buses.
    If you’re planning a big night, no limo would be enough for you. If you’re getting a bachelor party and you want to have some dancing space, you need a party bus, you can stand there and you will be comfortable, which is nice. They have plenty of special features that will make your party exciting. You can’t have all that space in a regular limo, but a party bus grants you freedom and luxury.

As you see, different vehicles are suitable for different occasions. If you want to spend your day with comfort, you have to choose a vehicle smartly. If you live in a big city you can get stuck in your stretch limo and miss an appointment, which is not fun. If you have a party bus, you need more space. It’s crucial that you know about different types, so you can choose your ideal option.