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There aren’t any cars more beautiful, stylish and functional than limos. That is why we created this magazine, to share our passion and spread more knowledge about limos and their uniqueness. We consider this type of cars to be one of the most advanced and elegant. Indeed, limos are a pure style and luxury.

Their lines and features are worth admiration. In this magazine, we discuss everything that is somehow connected to limos. If you are a limo fan like we are and you want to share your experiences or you want to tell us a story, you are more than welcome to write for us. We regularly publish guest posts and have a section where you can tell us why you like limos and/or share some helpful tips.

If you want to submit your article, please make sure that your post contains at least 2 pictures and is longer than 400 words. We don’t post plagiarized articles, so make sure it’s unique and you haven’t published it before. We will check your article for plagiarism. You are allowed to include a few links, but link spamming is not allowed. Other than this, you are welcome to share any thought with us.

You can also comment on our blog posts and articles. This form of feedback is very important to us because we value our readers and their time. You can also find your mates and people who share your passions here. Limos are bringing people closer together!

We want to build a strong community of people who love limos just as much as we do, so we would appreciate any type of help with that. If you have any suggestions for our future posts or you want to request some info, we would be more than happy to write for you. We believe that working closely together with our readers will help our magazine expand and grow.